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What Are the Common Binding Methods of Loose-Leaf Book?

Nov. 06, 2020

Loose-leaf notebooks are still relatively common in our daily lives, and are widely used items, but many people also have the problem of not opening the ring binder clip, which is troubled. So how to open the binder clip, and what are the common binding methods, do you understand? Now let's take a look.

1. How to open the binder

(1) Find a crack in the loose-leaf book, press it against it, and then force it to open it. The inner pages of the loose-leaf book are fixed by the binder, and after use, you can also use the metal binder you bought to bind the inner pages, but the metal binder you purchased must meet the size.

(2) Using paper clips and rubber bands can also play the effect of a binder, thereby binding the inner pages of the loose-leaf book. You only need to use a rubber band to pass through the loose-leaf hole of the inner page, and then use a paper clip to hook the rubber band. The cost is not large, and it will be much more convenient to use.

Ring Binder Clip

2. What are the common binding methods

(1) Horseback binding, which is one of the most common binding methods, and is mostly used when the number of loose-leaf pages to be bound is small. The processing price will be cheaper, the process will be simpler, and the production speed will be faster. However, when the number of loose pages is large, there will be obvious bulging, and the center of the plate is prone to misalignment, and even the upper and lower mouths of the spine are easily damaged.

(2) Iron wire flat stitching binding, usually used in the case of a large number of loose pages, and the weight of the book core paper is low. This kind of binding requires relatively low cost, but its efficiency is relatively high. However, the wire is prone to moisture corrosion, which affects the quality of the binding. In addition, if the weight of the paper is too large, it will also affect the reading of the book.

(3) Wireless adhesive binding, which is one of the most commonly used methods at present, among which glue binding can be divided into hot glue, cold glue, and PUR glue. However, it should be noted that after the hot-melt glue is soaked and dried, the book cannot be opened to the end, and there will be about 3MM at the binding point that cannot be read, so the inner page version The center position deviates from the mouth by 3mm.

(4) Lock line binding is a common method for book binding, that is, the pages after collating are connected according to a certain order, and during the connection process, they need to be locked. This binding method can make reading more convenient, the books are firmer, and the service life is enhanced. Some high-quality, hardcover books all use this method.

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