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How to Bind the Loose-Leaf Paper?

Jan. 14, 2021

Loose-leaf book in our daily life is still more common, more widely used items, but many people will also appear loose-leaf binder can not open the problem, and therefore by the trouble. So how to open the loose-leaf binder, and what are the common methods of binding, do you understand it? Now the loose-leaf binder supplier will tell you.

How to Open the Loose-Leaf Binder?

1.In the loose-leaf book to find a crack, press against, and then force to break outside, you can open. In the loose-leaf book inside, is dependent on the loose-leaf binder for fixed, and after use, you can also use their own purchase of metal loose-leaf binder will be bound, but the purchase of metal loose-leaf binder to meet the size.

2.The use of paper clips and leather straps can also play the effect of the binder, thus binding up the inside of the flipbook. Only need to use the leather band through the inside of the loose-leaf hole, and then use paper clips to hook the rubber band, the cost is not much, and the use of the time will be much more convenient.

Loose-Leaf Binder

What are the common methods of binding?

1.Horseback binding, which is one of the most common binding methods, used in the need to bind a small number of loose-leaf. The price of processing will be cheaper, the process is also more simple, and the production speed is faster. However, when the number of loose-leaf pages is high, there will be a significant drum, and the core is prone to run, and even cause the upper and lower mouth of the spine easily broken.

2. Wire flat binding, usually used in the case of more pages, while the weight of the core paper is lower. This binding requires a lower cost, but the effectiveness is relatively high. However, because the wire is prone to moisture corrosion, thus affecting the quality of the binding, in addition, the grammage of the paper is too large, will affect the book's flipping.

3.Wireless glue binding, which is currently one of the most commonly used methods, which can be divided into hot glue, cold glue, and PUR glue. However, it should be noted that the hot-soluble glue binding glue in the dip dry knot, it is not possible to turn the book to the bottom, and the staple mouth will be about 3MM or so part is not readable, and thus the position of the inner pages of the plate off the mouth 3mm.

4.Lock line binding, is a common method of booklet binding, that is, the book post after the matching page is connected according to a certain order, and in the process of connection, it needs to be locked tight. This binding method, can make reading more convenient, books more solid, and enhance the use of life. Some high quality, hardcover books are made using this method.


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