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How to Open the Binder?

Dec. 11, 2020

Loose-leaf notebook is a kind of commonly used stationery, also called loose-leaf notebook, loose-leaf notebook. It is composed of cover, binder (or coil), and paper. The pages inside the book can be removed and added freely. The biggest difference from ordinary notepads is that loose-leaf notebooks are more flexible to use. The paper can be disassembled, replaced, combined, and easily organized. Users can also DIY according to their own preferences. Loose-leaf notebooks can be used to write notes, take notes and draft drafts.

 6-Hole Binders

Loose-leaf notebooks are still relatively common in our daily lives, and are widely used items, but many people also have the problem of not opening the binder, which is troubled. So how to open the binder, and what are the common binding methods, do you understand? Now let's take a look.

The binder is a clip used to fix the paper, mainly in the shape of a circle, mostly made of metal or plastic, usually fixed on the cover by two rivets. Binders are a highlight of loose-leaf books, and beautiful binders are favored by many people.

There are many types of binders. The most common binders include 2-hole binders, 3-hole binders, 4-hole binders, 6-hole binders, etc. The binders of different sizes use different numbers of holes.Due to the different textures, the colors of the binders are also different. Common white plastic binders and silver binders are common.

How to open the binder?

1. Push the small square on the notebook in the direction of the arrow and rotate it downward;

2. Then you will find that the right half of the book can be rotated to the right;

3. In fact, after opening the seal below, you can rotate an angle with the circle in the first step as the center, and then you can easily exchange for paper.

Product advantages of 6-hole binder

1. Beautiful.

2. Superb craftsmanship.

3. The products are exported to Japan, South Korea, Europe, the United States, the Middle East and other countries, and can pass the SGS environmental protection test, the American lead content test (children's standard), REACH (EN1811) EU standards and other test reports.

4. Durable and anti-rust.

5. High quality, competitive low price, fast delivery.

6. Material: iron plating treatment (environmental protection nickel plating).

7. Can pass SGS, PONY (metal content, chemical content test), lead content test (below the American children's standard).

The purpose of 6-hole binder

Used for general manuals, notebook binding and other purposes. It can be opened and closed freely. The hook will not scratch your hands, has no gap, smooth page turning, and is easy to assemble and disassemble the paper.

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