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The Original Flipbook Can Also be Used in this Way

Feb. 19, 2021

Previously in the note taking time for the book to use a few pages have no concept, note taking time for the empty position empty how much is always very difficult to write off when a tear and leave a gap, but then the loose-leaf book completely solve all the problems ahead! Loose-leaf book contains a loose-leaf binder, loose-leaf paper, cover, divider, label stickers, back cover six parts.

A fixed-page book, ah, generally can only record a class of content, but many students in the record of a lot of content, at the beginning of the planning of a variety of pages of content, use to check up super inconvenient!

But if this is a flipbook, then a divider page can solve all the troubles, a collection of a variety of content into a book.The next binder clip wholesaler will tell you the many uses of the flipchart

1.Storage book

Loose-leaf book can also be used as a storage book! If you have less stationery, it's not a dream to carry a flipbook to class, tear off the contents of your textbook (this is not recommended) and clip it into the flipbook, easily changing the weight!As long as the organizer is installed, the flipbook will be able to sticky notes, draft paper, pens, erasers and other stationery in the bag.If with a file pocket, test papers and other documents can also be loaded up, it is very convenient to look through.


Loose-leaf book can also be opened in the way the album Oh! Students at this moment should be a dumbfounded state, did not expect it, there is this kind of operation.

You can say that the flipbook is not only a photo album, but also a life diary, so use glue sticks or washi tape to stick your photos on the flipbook. Glued to the flipchart paper, it becomes a photo album!

6 Ring Binder Clip

You can also stick a piece of paper after the photo, leaving the location to write down your feelings at the time, into a life diary, must be a perfect experience!

The best feature of the loose-leaf book is the flexibility of disassembly and assembly, it is simply the perfect match for excerpts, combined with the above collection of book practice, you can also use different separator pages to classify the contents of the excerpt! From this excerpt good sentences, good articles, record typical questions is very convenient!

Students are now a printer era, those sentences and articles, we can print out the layout and then punch, more time and effort Oh!

3.Word post

Flipbook can also be used as a word post, there is no resourceful students thought of how to operate it?

First of all, we need to find the font of choice, adjust the word spacing, line spacing, margins, font size, bold, and then print out, and then the previous one we put a more transparent paper added to it, which is not a word post? Easy to carry, very low cost, super-perfect word post.

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