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Types of Ring Binder Clips

Jul. 13, 2021

The binder is used to hold the paper, mostly in a circle, mostly made of metal or plastic, usually by two rivets fixed in the shape of a clip in the said cover. To remove the paper, simply open the flipchart gently. Loose-leaf binders are one of the highlights of loose-leaf books, and the beautiful ones are favored by many people.


Ring binder clips are O-ring and D-ring binders available. o-rings are round and open from the top. d-rings are D-shaped and open from the side and have a larger capacity than o-rings. The more rings, the more stable the pages inside the binder.

Ring Binder Clips Capacity

A binder's capacity is measured by ring size. Measure the ring from the inside top of the fitting to the inside bottom. The larger the ring, the more sheets it can hold.

 4 Holes Square Ring Binder Clip for PP Plastic Folder

4 Holes Square Ring Binder Clip for PP Plastic Folder

Types of Ring Binder Clips

1. Ring binder clip are used to fix the paper binder, mainly round, mostly metal or plastic products, usually with two rivets fixed on the cover. Remove the paper, just gently open the loose-leaf binder can be. Loose-leaf binder is a highlight of the loose-leaf book, beautiful loose-leaf binder is favored by many people.

2. There are many types of binders. The most common loose-leaf binders have 2 ring binder clip, 3 ring binder clip, 4 ring binder clip, 6 ring binder clip, etc. Different sizes of ring binder clips use different number of holes.

3. The color of the binder varies depending on the texture. The common white plastic binder and silver metal binder are common.


There are round holes on one side of the binder, so use the appropriate binder according to the number of holes. Users who like DIY can also punch their own holes to meet different needs.

 6 Ring Binder Clip for File Folder

6 Ring Binder Clip for File Folder

Advantages of loose-leaf book

1. The loose-leaf book is strong and reliable, and can be turned over and over again.

2. You can tear off one page of the loose-leaf notebook.

3. The loose-leaf notebook is flexible in use and can meet the DIY preferences of users.

4. Loose-leaf notebooks are rich in style to meet the aesthetic and usage needs of different users.

5. Loose-leaf notebooks can be customized in large quantities, printed with corporate LOGO, advertising for the company.

6. Loose-leaf notebooks are more environmentally friendly. The outer sheath can be used for a long time, only the inner core needs to be replaced.

For users who prefer loose-leaf notebooks, loose-leaf notebooks are almost perfect and have no drawbacks.


The differences between loose-leaf notebooks and regular notebooks are divided into the following categories.

1. Loose-leaf notebooks are held in place by loose-leaf binders, which are firm and reliable and can be turned over and over again. Ordinary notepads are mostly plastic-bound or wire-bound books, which will fall off after opening many times.

2. Loose-leaf notebooks can be torn off a page at will, while ordinary notebooks torn off a page may damage the entire notebook structure and use.

3. Loose-leaf notebooks are flexible in use, and the paper can be removed, replaced and combined at will to meet the user's DIY preferences, while ordinary notebooks cannot replace the paper.

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