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What Are the Commonly Used Office File Folders?

Nov. 16, 2020

Different files have different file folders. So, what are the commonly used office folders?

1. Two-hole folder:

Two-hole folder

The two-hole folder is the most commonly used. It is very practical to use it to bind some materials. The two-hole folder needs a punching machine; fold the A4 paper in half and punch two holes with a punching machine to bind it. The disadvantage of the two-hole folder is that after putting a lot of data, it will easily fall apart and fall off if you are not careful.

2. Quick work folder:


The price of quick work folder is more expensive than other folders. They are thick and thin; file folders are suitable for more and heavier data files, and they are more neat and beautiful. Punch two holes in the document, load it in, and clamp it.

3. Ring binder clip:

Ring binder clip

Some bidding documents are to be made into books, which can be bound into books with ring binder clip, of course, they can also be made into books; loose-leaf folders can also be used as packaging for factory instructions, which are generous and durable. Ring binder cliprs should be equipped with a dedicated punching machine.

4. Double clip folder:

Double clip folder

The cost of the double-clip folder is relatively cheap, and the advantage is that it can be stored without punching, and it is suitable for storing a small amount of data.

5. Special folders:

Special folders

The following folders are not very common, but they are very sturdy. They are especially suitable for craft paper cards and fixed asset cards that require A4 paper horizontal printing.

6. Two-hole iron clamp:

Two-hole iron clamp

Some materials are no longer needed after a period of time. To save folders, we can use a two-hole iron clip to store them. In this way, the cost is very cheap and can last for many years. Especially suitable for the preservation of a large number of drawings and data.

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