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What Do You Know about Lever Arch Folders?

Jan. 23, 2021

The lever arch folder is one of the common folders used in the office, mainly used when storing a large number of perforated paper files, mostly found in personnel administration, general affairs, financial doors, filing use.


1.Europe uses A, for example: A3 A4 two sizes, the international standard paper is A4 paper 210 * 297

2.Japan uses B, e.g. B4, B5, B6, which are mostly found in notebooks.

3.The US uses F, e.g. FC. It is actually rare, but only a few US companies use it, so if you work in a US company you should be aware of it.

4.The Chinese use K, for example: 8K 16K 24K is actually a whole sheet of paper cut several times, but nowadays it is not used much, because the international connection with the use of A4.

Size will not say much, file folders can generally buy is generally A3 A4 FC, thickness 2 inches (55MM) and 3 inches (75MM), most of the other sizes manufacturers are not produced or customized.


The material on the market is basically cardboard material, also heard of plywood, plastic, but not much, the most common is the cardboard, the appearance of the material is divided into not wrapped glue, single wrapped glue, double wrapped glue, of which single wrapped glue the most on the market.

1.No glue: also called no glue, in fact, is the kraft paper board or grey board.

2.Single wrap glue: called and half wrap glue, can be understood as wearing a suit without a vest, the appearance of many materials, PP, foam, PU, lacquer, non-woven, lacquer cloth, copy paper, plastic, gauze, sulphuric acid paper material, of course, the vast majority or wrap glue.

3.Double-wrapped: also known as full-wrapped, both inside and outside are wrapped with rubber, rarely sold, but the quality is also the best.

Lever Arch Folder

Types and accessories

Most of the current file folders are two-hole levers, the direct translation in English is lever arch files, there are also more alternative ones such as the Japanese double open tube folders, single open tube folders. Lever arch files are more common and more easily accepted, while open tube folders are more high-end and mostly imported, so they are also more expensive.

Installation of Lever arch files

The pressure bar is mainly used to fix the paper, press the middle of the card spring can be locked and open

Focus on the issue of installation, because if not a single purchase but dozens of purchases, when you receive the goods, the hardware is packaged separately, you need to assemble, here remember to install the lever arch file, the direction of the base do not press the opposite, once pressed, in pulling down the estimated need vise, the lever is generally facing down, the arch file is generally moving to the right, first than measure to try in the installation.


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