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Why Buy a Binder?

Dec. 23, 2020

Having a neat and orderly binder is not only convenient for finding materials during class, but also for writing homework during get out of class.

Want binder to be a good assistant for your study and life? The binder supplier specially sorted out a few simple steps to make your binder great!

Understand what you need

1. Figure out what is needed in class. For example, school supplies such as binders, calculators, and rulers.

2. Buy everything you need in the binder: pencils, erasers, highlighters, sticky notes, colored pens, etc. These supplies are relatively small, if they are scattered in a school bag, it is inconvenient to find them, so it is more suitable to put them in a binder.

Select binder

1.Remember to choose a binder that you like and useful! Binder is divided into many types,2 ring binders, 4 ring binders, 6 ring binders, etc. Choose the larger one to handle all subjects, or choose the small one, one for each subject, or buy three or four medium ones.

Choose the big one to deal with all subjects, you can also choose the small one, one for each subject, or buy three or four medium ones.

Many students like to take a small binder in school, and put the previous textbooks into the big binder when they come home. In this way, going to school will not increase the weight. After all, in addition to the binder, you also need to bring heavy books.

2. Buy a good quality binder! When choosing a binder, don't choose bargains just to save some small money. The binder will accompany you throughout the school year.

4 Holes D Ring Binder Clip

3. Buy a sorting folder! In addition to buying binder, it is also good to buy some dividers. The sorting folder is best to choose a thin plastic bag with a pocket, so that you can hold small things and put it in the binder.

Generally speaking, there will be 5 to 8 sorting clips in a pack. Plastic sorting clips can better protect the paper and prevent the paper from being torn or wrinkled.

Label the sorting folder! Labeled well and organized sorting folders are very helpful for the class. For example: if mathematics is your first class, then your first divider is math.

Place the divider or binder in color or class order! If you have a big binder with many dividers, remember to put them in the order of class.

If you have several small binders, try to distinguish them by color (binder and highlighter have the same color). Red is for mathematics, green is for English, and blue is for creatures.

4. Remember to put lined paper! Put enough lined paper behind the binder, so there is no embarrassment of tearing paper during class.

5. Put everything you need into the Binder! Remember to put some teachings and notes in the class in the binder. The school will have a hole punch. The paper without holes needs to be punched and clipped in, otherwise it will easily fall out and find it.

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