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Why Buy a Loose-Leaf Notebook?

Feb. 04, 2021

The notebook is a tool, writing a list is a method, and making life decisions through a list is thinking.

Tools are the curing of methods, and curing brings convenience, but also brings limitations.

Buy the tool does not mean learn the method, learn the method tool can be a pass. The method can not replace the human thinking, but the method is to reduce the difficulty of thinking.


That's why binder clip wholesaler wants to talk to you today about flipchart notebooks.

So what should a good notebook look like? Not replace the user for the most critical thinking. Provide open convenience and never overstep the boundaries of decision making.

A good notebook should be like a glass vessel that is willing to play a supporting role in its own right, highlighting thinking as the main character.

The interior of a good book looks like this.


The horizontal line is the most common, easy to write, neat text.

White paper is the most open, the sky is the limit, the sky is the limit.

The square is the smartest, allowing for the best of both worlds.

The biggest difference between a loose-leaf notebook and a bound notebook is that the binder allows flexible access to the inside pages, and a loose-leaf book can be used for a long time by constantly replenishing the inside pages.

 Binder Clip

Loose-leaf Notebooks is Easy to organize and reorganize

When I was in school, the curriculum was similar to this: Strategic Management on Monday; Operations Management on Wednesday; Accounting on Friday, eight lectures per semester.

If you used a bound notebook to take notes, the contents of the notebook at the end of the semester were arranged as follows


Strategic Management 1 - Operations Management 1 - Accounting 1 - ...... -Strategic Management 8 - Operations Management 8 - Accounting 8.

When you need to review a course, you need to flip through it, with Strategic Management 1 and Strategic Management 8 in two notebooks.

The advantage of using a flipchart is that you can take them all out, rearrange them, and bind them into one side

Strategic Management 1 - Strategic Management 2 ...... -Strategic Management 8

Operations Management 1 - Operations Management 2 ...... -Operations Management 8

Accounting 1-Accounting 2 ...... -Accounting 8


When you review the course, you will be able to see the end from the beginning and grasp the logic of the course quickly and clearly.

This is also true for people in the workplace, who can organize different types of notes such as "meetings", "training", and "journals" over time.

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